Accounting Scholarships

Start your search for accounting scholarships here by using our online scholarship directory to find the scholarships that are right for your unique situation. Search for scholarships sponsored by specific schools or in specific states to find the best places to start your accounting studies. You can also use the renewability search tool to find scholarships that can be renewed year after year, provided you meet all the necessary requirements established by the funding organization. If you are already in your program, you should filter by minimum GPA to find only those scholarships for which your current GPA qualifies.  The enrollment level tool can find you scholarships that are unique to your current status in your accounting program. Finally, use the ethnicity tool to find scholarships that sponsor students from your ethnic background.

Do not stop your search for scholarship money for your traditional or online accounting program here. You should search for accounting scholarships online to find more national, regional, and state scholarship opportunities. You should also contact your employer if you are already working in an accounting-related position, such as a clerk or a bookkeeper, to inquire about potential sponsorship for your education.

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Identify Trends in Accounting Scholarships

Accounting scholarships are primarily provided by professional accounting associations and universities. Professional accounting associations often focus on specific states or regions. An association of accountants in Washington, for example, is more likely to provide accounting scholarships to students attending universities in Washington than to students across the country. There are some professional associations for which location is less of a concern. These professional associations focus on specific branches of the accounting field or underrepresented groups like women or certain ethnic minorities.

Most accounting majors are eligible for accounting scholarships. Although specialized scholarships for fields like forensic accounting or taxation do exist, they are the exception and not the rule. Because most accounting scholarships are open to all accounting majors, these scholarships are competitive, and you will need to maintain strong academic performance in order to receive funding. This funding saves you a great deal of money in the long term, especially if you manage to receive renewable scholarships or high-value awards, so make sure to apply for as many scholarships as you can.

Key Accounting Scholarships

Dorini Family Graduate Tax Scholarship

This scholarship is provided by the University of Florida to students specializing in taxation. The monetary award for this scholarship is $7,500, making it an attractive option for students at this university who are interested in pursuing careers in accounting or tax law. This scholarship is only awarded to tax students with a strong academic record, so you will have to apply yourself during your taxation program to be more competitive for this award.

AICPA Minority Scholarship

This scholarship is provided by the American Institute of CPAs (AICPA) and is intended for students from ethnic minority backgrounds who are interested in becoming accountants. Scholarships are awarded to more than 80 students per year, with an average award of about $3,000 and a maximum award of $5,000. Applicants must be committed to becoming licensed accountants.

Directory of Accounting Scholarships